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Aurox Token

Combining Highest Yield DeFi Lending Protocol With A Decentralized Trading Terminal

Aurox Terminal

Aurox has redefined cryptocurrency trading through its proprietary trading terminal, and now, it will redefine DeFi. The Aurox team has created the Urus Token which will power a suite of products integrated into the Aurox Terminal.

Thousands of users utilize the Aurox Terminal every single day to accelerate their trading. The terminal was developed to create a unique experience for cryptocurrency users by providing them with the tools necessary to make profitable trades. Since Aurox’s first inception over 2 years ago, the team has completely self-funded the groundbreaking functionalities of the terminal.

Urus Token

And the Urus Token is no different. Fully self-funded. No presale. No VCs. No Investors. You, the public, will control the majority of the tokens. In addition, Urus will first be listed on Uniswap to allow the market to dictate the fair price.

A fair launch, low market cap, low supply, working products, and a successful team, only means one thing; the most powerful token launch of 2021.

So what is the purpose of the token? And why should you care?

The token solves every single issue currently plaguing both DeFi traders and investors, by powering the Aurox Lend & Trade protocols.

Aurox Lend

Aurox Lend will be a simple-to-use decentralized lending protocol. It will allow users to earn the highest APY’s available anywhere. All thanks to the margin traders on Aurox Trade. The entire lending process will be fully transparent by utilizing on-chain smart contracts. No longer will lenders be worried about centralized systems possessing their money. Instead, they will have the ability to withdraw and control their funds at any time.

Aurox Trade

Aurox Trade, on the other hand, will combine order books and liquidity from the top centralized exchanges. Essentially, it will decentralize major centralized exchanges. Users will be able to utilize one single portal to execute trades across multiple exchanges. It will deliver the deepest liquidity, lowest slippage and utilize Aurox Lend as the means of enabling margin capabilities. By taking advantage of these functionalities, users will be able to execute margin orders even on low volume tokens.

Finally, and for the first time ever, users will be able to earn interest on their unused funds without having to lock them into a lending contract. They’ll be able to earn interest but at the same time, utilize the funds on-demand at any time. All thanks to the ability of Aurox Trade to rebalance lending and borrowing through the lending protocol.

The Ecosystem Designed For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

This is your one opportunity to join a revolution in the new wave of decentralized cryptocurrency lending and trading by owning the Urus Token.

Ask yourself this, when was the last time a token launched fairly without the majority of the tokens being swallowed up by VCs, advisors, influencers, and the team? Where a token was backed by a team with a working platform, the dedicated user base of traders, and over 2 years of experience running a successful crypto service? The Urus Token will be a once in a blue moon launch, giving its holders the power and the equity in a company that is set out to change the crypto space.

Join us for our February launch by opting into our VIP launch party at GetAurox.com. Don’t miss out on a chance to get in at the ground level, because the market will not wait for you.

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ICO Main Sale
February 19, 2021
March 31, 2021
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